How to help Kherson: Five organisations that accept payments from abroad

Ukraine has been struggling with the consequences of the terrible disaster, which the aggressor country arranged, blew up the Kakhovska HPP dam on June 6. We rescue people and animals, help with evacuation and provide the affected regions with everything they need. Each new day brings new challenges that need to be responded to promptly. Together with the state, numerous charitable and volunteer organizations are engaged in this. We have selected five that work systematically, and you can easily help them from other countries. So show this article to your foreign friends.

United 24

UNITED24 is the official fundraising platform of Ukraine, whose ambassadors are world-famous Ukrainians and foreign stars. They collected more than 350 million dollars for various needs during their work. The platform allows one click to make a charitable contribution to support Ukraine from any corner of the world. Now, among its priority projects is assistance to the Kherson rescuers. The collected funds will be spent on purchasing boats, motorized pumps, excavators and bulldozers, mobile water purification stations, underwater drones for searching for explosive objects, etc. More information in English for foreign readers at the link – U24.GOV.UA.

Rescue Now

Rescue Now is a powerful initiative that deals with the evacuation of people. During the full-scale invasion, the team evacuated about 20,000 people from different parts of Ukraine and about 1,000 domestic animals. Now they are focused on evacuating from flooded areas and helping people who do not want to leave their homes. The main task is to help repair damaged houses as quickly as possible. The Fund is also included in the purchase of special equipment that rescuers need. Donate.

United Humanitarian Front

United Humanitarian Front is a public organization engaged in systemic charity. Their focus is on projects to restore damaged buildings and build new ones (cooperation with District #1), supply generators to the de-occupied and front-line regions of Ukraine, and help the military (UHF has helped approximately 12,000 defenders of Ukraine, provided assistance to 70 military formations, and has already spent more $1 million in aid). Now the team is in Kherson, dealing with urgent issues with the State Emergency Service and the local authorities. Their specialty is that they accept payments in cryptocurrency, which can be a convenient way to help many foreign benefactors. Help in cryptocurrency.


RAZOM was launched during the Revolution of Dignity in 2014 when millions risked their lives and worked together to create a better future for Ukraine. Today, the organization is a powerful voice in the USA, where the team accumulates a wide variety of help from private investors and other public associations. Now RAZOM is actively involved in helping victims in the Kherson region. You can help through them at the link.


The charity organization UAnimals is one of the largest and most active in animal welfare. Already in the first hours after the explosion, they started their activities – volunteers of the foundation had already gone to Kherson for evacuation. At the same time, they were forming lists of those who needed help and those who were ready to take animals in. Every day, on their social media pages, they report and discuss the amount of aid. Yes, only on June 15, the total amount of financial assistance from UAnimals amounted to 1,739,207.67 hryvnias for 258 animals. You can find more information on how to help the organization at the link.

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