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The Dream Pregnancy Holiday: Embracing Motherhood at Solo Babymoon


Pregnancy cravings for pickles and ice cream are so last season. This year, it's all about craving elegance and tranquility at solo babymoon retreats, made possible by mom'z.


Photo by Lena Dugnus
Photo by Lena Dugnus

These retreats are designed for expectant mothers and offer a blend of relaxation, wellness, and community in some of Spain's most picturesque locations. With a focus on holistic prenatal care and high-end amenities, mom'z sees to it that every mom-to-be can embrace motherhood with the ultimate pregnancy holiday.

"Our retreats are carefully curated to provide a nurturing and empowering experience for expectant mothers," says Shirin Fardi, founder of mom'z. "We understand pregnant women's unique needs and concerns, and our goal is to create a sanctuary where they can find peace, support, and prepare for the new period of life."

Pregnancy Holiday in Southern Spain

Held in serene locations, including Mallorca and Barcelona, mom'z retreats provide an idyllic getaway for would-be mothers. The settings of these retreats are surrounded by nature's beauty, giving a peaceful sanctuary where mothers-to-be can unwind and connect with their inner selves and their babies. The picturesque views and calming environment make these destinations top choices for an inspirational pregnancy holiday.

"We have meticulously evaluated hundreds of family-run private venues across Europe, selecting only those that resonate with our vision of nurturing, luxurious comfort, and exceptional care for expectant mothers," explains Shirin. She adds that mom’z retreats provide a supportive atmosphere for mothers-to-be to relax and prepare for the arrival of their little ones.

The Mallorcan retreat is set in a boutique Mediterranean villa boasting a private pool, yoga areas, and beautifully landscaped gardens, creating a serene oasis. In Barcelona, the retreat is nestled in the heart of the Catalan countryside, offering breathtaking views of the mountain range and a peaceful respite from the city's hustle and bustle.

Enjoy Prenatal Movement, Guided Visualization and Massage Sessions

One of the standout features of mom'z retreats is the range of luxurious amenities designed to pamper and support expectant mothers. The prenatal massages, tailored to alleviate the unique stresses of pregnancy, highlight the retreat by providing deep relaxation and relief. Yoga sessions complement these massages, which help mothers-to-be maintain physical fitness and mental clarity.

"Our prenatal yoga sessions are led by experienced instructors who specialize in this practice," says Shirin. "These sessions are designed to increase flexibility, reduce stress, and prepare the body for childbirth. Combined with the uplifting effects of guided visualizations, these activities guarantee that participants leave the retreat feeling rejuvenated and empowered."

Five-Star Accommodations and Fine Dining

mom'z retreats are synonymous with luxury, which is evident in the five-star accommodations. Each retreat offers boutique hotel stays with en-suite bathrooms, securing comfort and privacy. The rooms are elegantly designed to create a calming environment for relaxation and rest.

Gourmet dining is another key feature of the mom'z experience. "Our private chefs and prenatal expert team have joined forces to create a menu that delights and nourishes both the mother and her baby — always tailored to individual dietary preferences," shares the founder. The chefs craft each meal to provide the necessary nutrients while delighting the palate, making dining at mom'z retreats a truly special experience.

The retreats offer various dining options, from intimate candlelit dinners to al fresco feasts in beautiful outdoor settings. Locally sourced, organic ingredients create delectable dishes catering to expectant mothers' unique cravings and dietary needs.

Real Stories from Previous Participants

The transformative impact of mom'z retreats is best illustrated through the testimonials of past participants. Many mothers-to-be have shared how the retreats helped them overcome fears and anxieties related to childbirth and postpartum period. The supportive environment and expert guidance at the retreats have empowered the mothers-to-be to approach motherhood confidently and joyfully.

Clarisse from London, a participant, recounted, "The intention behind this retreat, the chef throwing her passion into every single meal, the mom'z team being so supportive, loving, and helpful, and of course all these powerhouse mamas-to-be are just touching my heart so deeply." Another mother, Marieke from the Netherlands, shared, "I came to unwind, recharge, and have some much-needed ‘me time’ to connect with myself and my baby away from the hustle of family life. What I received exceeded my expectations. The atmosphere of openness and vulnerability allowed me to truly be myself and to grow through the sharing of thoughts, feelings, and fears. I gained an entirely new perspective on how I envision my childbirth experience."

A Long-Term Perspective on Prenatal Care

mom'z retreats are designed with a holistic outlook on prenatal care, addressing expectant mothers' physical and emotional needs. The retreats include mindfulness visualization sessions, which help participants cultivate a sense of inner peace and resilience. Birth preparation sessions provide practical knowledge and techniques for labor and delivery.

"What many people don’t understand is that pregnancy can be stressful and uncertain for many women," explains Shirin. "Our retreats address these concerns by providing a comprehensive program that empowers women with knowledge, relaxation techniques, and emotional support to embrace motherhood confidently."

The birth preparation sessions at mom'z retreats are led by experienced childbirth educators and doulas who provide evidence-based information and guidance on various birthing techniques, pain and stress management strategies, and postpartum care. These sessions equip expectant mothers with the tools and knowledge to navigate the birthing process confidently and easily.

Building a Supportive Community for Expectant Mothers

One of the unique aspects of mom'z retreats is the emphasis on building a supportive community. The retreats provide a space where expectant mothers can connect with like-minded individuals, share their experiences, and make lasting friendships. This sense of community is invaluable, offering emotional support and a network of friends who understand the unique challenges of pregnancy and postpartum period.

All retreats have a small group of 10 to 14 pregnant women. This aligns with mom’z’s philosophy that creating a supportive community is essential for mothers. Shirin shares that the program encourages strong connections between attendees, making sure that the bonds formed during the retreat continue to provide support and encouragement long after the retreat has ended.

mom'z facilitates community-building through group activities, shared meals, and dedicated discussion sessions. Participants are encouraged to share their stories, concerns, and experiences in a safe and supportive environment, fostering a sense of camaraderie and understanding.

Luxury with a Conscience

In addition to providing a luxurious and nurturing experience, mom'z is committed to eco-friendly and sustainable practices. "We recognize the importance of environmental responsibility," says Shirin. "Our retreats are designed to minimize our ecological footprint while still offering a premium experience for our guests."

mom'z retreats prioritize using eco-friendly venues and sustainable practices, such as locally sourced organic produce and energy-efficient accommodations. "We believe that luxury and sustainability can coexist. Through the incorporation of eco-friendly practices into our retreats, we provide a nurturing experience for our guests and contribute to a healthier planet for their children."

Why Solo Babymoon is the Premier Choice for a Pregnancy Holiday

Compared to other pregnancy retreats, mom'z stands out with its carefully tailored retreats, catering to expectant mothers' diverse needs. The high-end amenities, expert-led sessions, supportive community, and post-retreat support make it the ultimate pregnancy holiday. Who says pregnancy can't be glamorous? With mom’z, moms-to-be can dive into motherhood with open arms, trading morning sickness for morning spa sessions in the lap of luxury. These solo babymoons celebrate the journey of pregnancy, where every moment is cherished, and every need is catered to with impeccable style and grace.

Visit mom'z website to learn more about the solo babymoon experience.

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