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Your Closet Will Never Be the Same: Kangaroo Hanger Revolutionizes the Dead Hanger Industry


Once a staple of household and commercial clothing care, the garment hanger industry has increasingly been perceived as stagnant, primarily due to the product’s nature and environmental impact. The widespread use of plastic hangers, known for their durability and low cost, has come under scrutiny as a single-use item contributing significantly to plastic waste. This environmental concern, coupled with a market saturated with minimal innovation and differentiation, has led to a decline in consumer interest and investment. Today, a fresh player in the garment hanger industry is Kangaroo Hanger, founded by Angus Willows. The brand emphasizes environmental responsibility and innovative functionality, offering a renewed perspective on this everyday item, promising users utility and an enhanced, eco-conscious experience.


Hangers, in a Nutshell

The traditional hanger industry is seemingly mundane yet integral to people’s daily lives. This functional item in homes and retail spaces is made primarily of plastic, wire, or wood. Plastic hangers, in particular, are favored for their low production cost and durability, making them a staple in fast fashion retail outlets and dry cleaning services. The conventional design of these hangers, which has remained unchanged over the years, prioritizes basic functionality and cost-effectiveness.

Despite their utility, these hangers contribute to significant environmental concerns. Most of these hangers are not biodegradable, designed for short-term use, and are not built to withstand long-term wear and tear. As a result, billions of hangers end up in landfills annually, taking centuries to decompose and releasing harmful microplastics and chemicals into the environment. Seeing all these, founder Angus knows something needs to change. He mentions, "The industry has been dead for years. There’s a need to spice things up for the better, and Kangaroo Hanger is off to do just that and more."

A Breath of Fresh Air in the Hanger Industry

Unlike the traditional hanger design, the Kangaroo Hanger is a masterpiece of form, function, and sustainability. It stands out with its multipurpose design, accommodating various clothing types and sizes – from shirts and pants to strap dresses, suits, towels, and jackets. According to Angus, this adaptability breaks away from the traditional, specialized approach of conventional hangers, which typically target specific garment types and fail to address the diverse needs of a modern wardrobe. The Kangaroo Hanger's non-slip design is a notable enhancement over the conventional felt, velvet, or rubber finishes. Its innovative structure eliminates the need to button shirts onto hangers, securely holding garments of any material. Angus adds, "This patented feature simplifies the process of hanging clothes, it works like a paperclip to clip in any garment in your closet."

Moreover, the Kangaroo Hanger introduces a vibrant twist with its color palette, featuring traditional milk and charcoal hues and lively tangerine and pink shades. For Angus, this range of colors adds a touch of joy and aesthetic appeal to wardrobes, blending functionality with a visually pleasing design to create an enjoyable wardrobe-organizing experience."It's remarkable how such a simple adjustment in daily routine, like enhancing hanger functionality, can significantly uplift mood and streamline your day," Angus adds.

Small Actions, Big Impact

Kangaroo Hanger introduces something new to the hanger industry, emphasizing functional innovation and a commitment to being an environmentally friendly hanger. According to Angus, he designed the Kangaroo Hanger with eco-friendly features to address the environmental concerns of fast fashion. The hanger's robust, heavy-duty build, crafted entirely from 100% recycled and recyclable high-strength material, sets a new standard in durability and environmental responsibility. Such a resilient design resists breakage and maintains form even under the weight of heavy jackets. This is a thoughtful consideration for both environmental sustainability and the practical demands of everyday use, ensuring hangers last a long time.

"Our commitment to using recycled materials ensures our users are contributing to saving our planet, providing peace of mind that every small action can have a significant impact," Angus explains. Kangaroo Hanger’s conscious effort to consider material choice and design while addressing functional needs gives home and commercial users a guilt-free alternative. With this, the Kangaroo hanger is the first hanger worthy of Vogue.

A Promising Debut

Launching Kangaroo Hanger in the US market is a new chapter in the intersection of fashion and utility. As a central fashion hub, the US presents a landscape ripe for innovation, and Angus and the Kangaroo Hanger is poised to usher in this change. "Fashion and the hanger industry in the US are steeped in tradition and established norms. While the challenge is formidable, we're thrilled to introduce our innovative concept. We are no big corporation, just an inventor wanting to make a better hanger." Angus shares.

In its early stages, Kangaroo Hanger has already begun to resonate with the market, garnering over 40 million organic viral views in just three months. This remarkable feat is accompanied by a growing number of eager pre-orders, indicating a promising future for this groundbreaking product in the US.

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