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Julia Kostetska Appointed as Vogue UA Publisher

Julia Kostetska Appointed as Vogue UA Publisher. She has a great experience in media industry. In 2012-2018 Kostetska was a part of Vogue Ukraine team on the position of the commercial director. In the recent years, she has been the Chief Business Officer of Media Group Ukraine and developed the sales house Media Partnership as well as the advertising agency Media Partnership Buying. She used to work at UMH Publishing House, Blits-Inform and Atlantic Group LTD.

Julia Kostetska

We would like to remind that the position used to belong to Helen Chernova, who suddenly passed away on January 12. Media Group Ukraine appreciates what Helen did for Vogue UA. Julia and Olena were colleagues and partners and shared common ideas. Owing to their team work, Vogue UA became one of the best among the magazine’s global editions.


Julia Kostetska, Vogue UA publisher: "Coming back to Vogue UA as a publisher is a responsibility and a great honor to me. The leading positions and the audience’s love are beyond doubt – the great achievement of the Vogue UA team with Helen Chernova at its head. She was my great friend and mentor, and I am grateful to her for the ten years of fruitful collaboration. Helen passed away too early, but she left us the high mission of Vogue UA, its success and achievements, which my team and me will multiply and develop. Vogue UA is going to continue creating the projects and initiatives that will not only cover fashion, culture and aesthetics of the modern life in Ukraine and the world but will also be contributing to the extension of the geography of the Ukrainian cultural export on the global level. We, Vogue UA, are now on the new frontline, facing new challenges caused, in particular those the war in Ukraine is bringing. Therefore, it is our duty to quickly react to the changes of the social mood and be sensitive to the needs and values of our readers, support them and inspire the global community for collective actions to make the victory closer."

Oleksandr Barynov, Chairman of the Media Group Ukraine supervisory board: "When our country is suffering from the Russian aggression, the power and authority of the Vogue brand has a special significance – our team’s bright and emotional projects are drawing the attention of the global cultural community to the events in Ukraine and the necessity to support the struggle for freedom and life of the Ukrainian people."

Yevheniy Bondarenko, director of Media Group Ukraine: "Vogue UA is an important part for Media Group Ukraine’s business, as it is a recognized brand with a 130-year history and undeniable reputation, and in 10 years in Ukraine it has won love and trust of the multi-million audience. Being on the information front of fighting in Ukraine, Vogue UA team is doing anything to make our victory closer, telling the truth about the war, supporting Ukrainians with patriotic projects and publishing its best materials in English to keep Ukraine in the focus of the global community’s attention. I am positive that under Julia’s management the strong and experienced team of professionals working at Vogue UA will continue to confidently develop the brand of Vogue in Ukraine. From my perspective, I must add that Media Group Ukraine in collaboration with the international media holding Condé Nast is and will be the guarantor of Vogue UA’s sustainable brand development in Ukraine and worldwide".

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