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Vogue Ukraine Presents Its Fourth Print Issue: Winter 2023–2024

The latest issue of Vogue Ukraine Edition is dedicated to the art of seeing. Within its pages, the collector’s publication brings together the stories of young Ukrainian artists who document everyday life, offering an artistic reinterpretation of global shifts in society.


Photographer Yan Wasiuchnik’s portfolio features members of the young generation of Ukrainian actors: Solomiya Kyrylova known for her role in Pamfir by Dmytro Sukholytkyy- Sobchuk; brothers Amil and Ramil Nasirov, stars of Luxembourg, Luxembourg by Antonio Lukich; Karyna Khymchuk, the main protagonist in Tonia Noyabrova’s Do You Love Me?; Darya Plakhtiy, who gained recognition after starring in Oles Sanin’s Dovbush; and Alina Cheban, Oleksandr Rudynskyi, and Kostiantyn Temliak.

New Ukrainian documentary films take center stage at international competitions and festivals, with a notable highlight being 20 Days in Mariupol by Mstyslav Chernov, which earned an Oscar nomination. In his essay Nothing But the Truth, Alex Malyshenko talks about documentary films that meticulously capture the traumas of war and explore society’s profound transformation amidst its daunting challenges.

The new issue features young directors of feature films who have showcased their works at prestigious festivals in Venice, Rotterdam, and Locarno. Among them are Antonio Lukich, Anna Buryachkova, Christina Tynkevych, and Philip Sotnychenko.

Theater director Ivan Uryvskyi has become a star of the cultural life of the capital city. His productions, including The Witch of Konotop and The Master, consistently draw full houses. In his interview with Vogue Ukraine, Ivan Uryvskyi discusses exploring Ukrainian and world classics for meanings that still resonate today.

Fashion and beauty continue to be central themes in Vogue. Thanks to Beyoncé, Kylie Minogue, and Doja Cat, fans of Ivan Frolov’s brand, the entire world is captivated by this designer’s bold experiments with women’s sexuality. In his interview with Vogue Ukraine, Frolov talks about how the clothing he designs changes people’s attitudes toward their bodies and shares his experience of doing business during challenging times.

Vogue Ukraine Edition 4 is coming out in print on December 19 and can be pre-ordered at shop.vogue.ua.

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