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Vogue UA Ukrainian Designers Showcase: Litkovskaya x Solo for Diamonds collaboration

On September 28, during Paris Fashion Week, the Vogue UA team held a unique event for the entire Ukrainian fashion industry – Vogue UA Ukrainian Designers Showcase, aimed at popularizing Ukrainian brands on the world stage. The collaboration of designer Lilia Litkovska and the SOLO For Diamonds brand attracted the special attention of the event's guests. A jewelry NFT object was presented within its limits, opening a new page in the jewelry world.

"Nowadays, we want to talk not only about death and destruction but also about rebirth. And show the world that we have the strength to be reborn. We have resources, industries, and talented people who can create. The decoration was created as a bird, symbolizing a peaceful sky. In its center – a unique stone is a symbol of the sun. This is a real-world record set by Ukrainians," says Yulia Kusher, the founder of SOLO For Diamonds. The decoration uses a 20.23-carat artificially grown diamond in a cushion cut and a FANCY VIVID YELLOWISH ORANGE color.


"This is an extraordinary experience for me, it was the first time I worked with diamonds, especially record-breaking diamonds, and it was fascinating, – Liliya Litkovska shares her impressions. – Together, we invented the image of a bird flying to save Ukraine. To give us the sun, give us hope and faith."

Sketch of Litkovska x SOLO For Diamonds Jewelry

The designer also adds that it was fascinating for her to create a product in Phygital format and imagine how it would look in both the virtual and real worlds.

Guests of the party could see the digital version of the decoration and appreciate the beauty of the stone, which will become the central element of the entire exhibition. "This stone has already entered the Guinness Book of Records. It was grown by Ukrainians and once again demonstrated to the world how talented and ambitious our country is," Litkovska adds.

Lilia Litkovska

The guests of the event share their impressions of the collaboration. Violett Fedorova, the editor-in-chief of vogue.ua, says: "At the Vogue UA Ukrainian Designers Showcase, we demonstrate to the world fashion community breadth and diversity of Ukrainian creative thought and the technology of our brands. Today, when the whole world is moving towards more and more sustainability, it is essential to keep up with the times – and the example of the SOLO For Diamonds brand proves how technology can give a new sound to such a conservative industry as the art of jewelry. The creation of an NFT object is another confirmation of this." Influencer Iryna Adonina adds: "A stone weighing 10-20 carats in the laboratory grows in 10-14 days instead of millions of years – it's just incredible, but it's true. Ukrainian specialists in this field are among the strongest in the world. I looked at the stone brought west to Paris for a long time. It is flawless."

Let us remind you that SOLO for diamonds is a Ukrainian sustainable jewelry brand that sees its mission as promoting a new look at diamond jewelry through the prism of conscious choice.

Website: https://solofordiamonds.com.ua/

Instagram: @solo_for_diamonds

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