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Life through the eyes of Ukrainian artists: Vogue UA presents ART ON THE BATTLEFRONT

Vogue UA presents the second part of its art project, ART ON THE BATTLEFRONT. This large-scale virtual exhibition is a poignant reflection on the current events by 30 contemporary Ukrainian artists.


The first part of the project, presented in early July, brought together twelve artists from around the world who protested against the Russian aggression, drawing on traditional culture and the unique voice of Ukrainians. We invited 30 Ukrainian artists to contribute to the second part of ART ON THE BATTLEFRONT done in partnership with the Natalia Cola Foundation and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, which presented exclusive works, from digital art to painting and sculpture. These emotional, subtle, and moving works remind us that Ukrainians keep fighting on all fronts — military, diplomatic, and cultural.

"The defenders of Kyiv", Denys Metelin
"The defenders of Kyiv", Denys Metelin

"The most important power of art in wartime is to inspire, boost morale, and remind people what they are fighting for and what is at stake," says Natalia Cola, founder of the Natalia Cola Foundation, a philanthropist who supported the project. "As part of the national identity, it is also a form of soft diplomacy that can change and persuade. I was impressed by how sincerely the works selected for the project reflect the artists' true feelings. Of course, they convey a sense of grief over the tragic events that happened, but at the same time they embody Ukrainian courage and heroism and inspire confidence in victory."

"The Dnipro River at dawn, a view from a destroyed bridge I
"The Dnipro River at dawn, a view from a destroyed bridge I

The art project will culminate in an exhibition in Vienna’s historic center at the Künstlerhaus in collaboration with Künstlerhaus Vereinigung (Austrian Artists' Association) from April 14 to 18, 2023. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the humanitarian activities.

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